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I come from a family of female opera buffs and in 1991 myself, mum and my aunt bought tickets to see Jose Carreras in concert in Sydney as we were riding high after the Three Tenors smash hit the previous year. We spent a small fortune between the three of us on an overnight at the Park Hyatt hotel booking a suite overlooking the opera house and the harbour. A real treat for us and we were so excited at seeing our hero in concert and staying at this wonderful hotel. Concert was great, hotel was everything we expected. We found out Jose was staying at the same hotel in the Govenor Suite the floor above us - wow .

Next morning after checking out we stood outside waiting for a taxi and saw a flash looking car parked at the door with 'Jose Carreras' printed on a card in the windscreen - his personal car - .

Just before our taxi arrived the man himself emerges from the VIP exit and someone holds his door open, my aunt was absolutely beside herself with excitement and said 'Im going to say hello before he gets in!'. She walks the few steps over, says 'Mr Carreras we were at the concert last night and we just want to say thank you for coming to Sydney'. Carreras stopped with raised eyebrows, looked at her like she was something he'd scraped off his shoe and then got into the car and was whisked away. He was with his then German girlfriend.

To say my aunt was devastated and embarrassed to the point of being upset is an understatement. At the end of the concert the night before when taking his bows four old dears stood at the foot of the stage with flowers for him, directly under his nose, and he completely ignored them. Mum said because he'd been very ill for a few years he was probably still not himself. Not likely - rude little bugger
AWWWWWW Been a long time fan of JC's, and always comes across in interviews as being sweet and a bit humble. Will continue to enjoy his voice though as I have loads of his CDs and videos.

Otherwise, it sounds as though you had a fantastic evening.
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