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in answer to gigi - I guess as a musician I have always gone the main view of pop as just popular music - mainstream appeal. It borrows from various genres and makes them accessible to mass appeal. 'pure pop' is perhaps the ultra finalised polished form. Classical can be pop too - as in classical pop - which is something of a very big seller in the UK thanks to certain talent shows lol. Tori never has really done 'pure pop' - but perhaps 'happy worker' is her closest) however thats because she always been considered an alternative artist - which is why I like her. she is creative and experimental. A true artist. But I do love pop and pure pop music too. I have varied tastes. No particular style. As long as its done well with 'heart, soul and energy'. For me music should always be about 'heart, soul and energy'.

Perhaps looking back her most 'pop' releases were

Y Kant Tori Read
little earthquakes (in places)
Scarlets walk
to venus and back

what do you think? Could these albums be in the mix for the new album?
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