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Yeah, seeing the circus--I mean latest DM article full of pics today, I'm not surprised Silverman wants to keep his son away from it all - imagine all the 'look, we're a happy family' shots if the other son was there? The paps aren't there by accident, and seeing the no. of people around the baby on the beach today, while Mum and Dad grin for the cameras - it's starting to look like a circus imo. I know Simon is a proud dad and good for him but the baby is barely a week old. He's a rich bloke, he could go on holiday anywhere he wants and somewhere private too but he seems to be treating this whole thing as a reality show.
To be honest, Lauren doesn't look too comfortable either in this new set of pics. She used to enjoy the pap attention but I think it has become too much. I really don't understand her. Her former husband wasn't exactly poor. She had a good and nice life. Now, she's strotting behind Cowell, has to divide her time between her two sons, etc.
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