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Glad you enjoyed that TH14! Fab isn't it!

Totally agree with that emily67. Truly gifted and unique singer. You know various top singers have covered her songs now, and some of them are good versions in their own right, but I don't think anybody can match how Lana sings them herself. Sheer beauty of her voice, all the deep/high vocal tricks she can do with the amount of range she's got (its really technically hard to do what she does in singing terms) and the raw emotion she puts in the vocal. Think Mr Rick Nowells hits the nail on the head when he says she's "magical."

Loved that interview with Rick Nowells, big thanks for that one. Darren Hayes has quite a quirky interviewing style, but I think that's good as he makes Rick relax and just talk. You get quite a lot of insight. Like his comments where he says about even if the song isn't a hit in single chart terms, you know it is a hit when she's performing live in front of thousands of people and everybody in the audience knows the words.

She forms such great songwriting partnerships with her collaborators and Rick has definitely become a key one. An increasing amount of her very best have his name on. And people always come out with all these conspiracy theories how she came to work with these top songwriters. I remember in one of the previous interviews Rick said he simply heard some of her songs on the internet and that was it, he had to work with her. Well, can you blame him?

Great to hear they're writing more potential classics. She brings the poetry and he'll find the perfect chord.

And what's this? The press actually coming out in support? How things change for the better! Time magazine point out what a fantastic shame it is she got snubbed for the Oscar nomination:

And here's another more in depth article:

Time magazine frickin' love her!
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