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Have you noticed that there are large numbers of people of African or middle eastern ancestry in London, where Stonewall run adverts on the Underground?

Some might say there's a correlation there. No harm done by reminding people to "get over it" IMO. Makes for a much better society.
The majority of people who ride underground trains aren't of African or middle eastern ancestry. The majority of people are over it but Stonewall make out it's still a big issue. One said "some people are gay, get over it" the advert gave me more of an impression they were making out that homosexuality was being anti establishment than a sexuality. Another said something like "one of these people is gay, if that bothers you we need to keep going" with a black woman and white woman which might go with aiming at African people and that advert made me think it was more making more of a divide than saying they are both human.

In the UK homosexuality in the pre 60s was and among African and middle eastern people currently is still treated how paedophilia and bestiality is seen today in our society. I don't think that those who don't agree with homosexuality would see those adverts and it will change the way they think. If it was for example an advert for rights of other sexualities and they said "some people are paedophiles, get over it" or "one of these people is in a sexual relationship with a dog, if that bothers you we need to keep going" they wouldn't make me think different, I would feel uncomfortable that some people think like that and I would wonder how they got someone to agree to appear on a poster advert claiming they might be in a relationship with a dog.
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