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My sisters friend was a witness to what I think might have been Ian Baynham or might have been another "homophobic" attack and there was already an argument going on before any homophobic remarks were thrown. Some people see slutty women or fat people and shout abuse at them why is it seen worse if a gay couple have abuse shouted at them?

I wasn't saying homophobia wasn't an issue I am saying that Stonewall are making out as if it is bigger than it actually is. I understand that those adverts might have been aimed at ethnic minorities who don't agree with homosexuality or pretend they don't agree to hide their own homosexuality but I felt that those adverts were making out that homosexuals and straight people are different when really we are all humans, it's just the sexuality that is different. Personally it would not bother me if one person on the poster is gay but pointing out one is gay and another isn't makes out there are differences. One person could have a glass eye or a wooden leg why would it matter?

Was the person that said that to you of African or middle eastern ancestry?
*Rolls eyes*
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