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How can people seriously think that no one would care if a footballer came out?! Football is one of the worst areas for this hence why no top male footballer has come out and they clearly exist. It's like people acting like no one in the public eye is in a fake relationship or in the closet. News flash: there is a reason the terms bearding and in the closet exist. People in and out of the public do these things and to suggest they don't is seriously deluded. Before anyone jumps down my throat, I'm not saying everyone is gay, just that a lot of people are and can't be honest about it because of the attitudes of a lot of people. I know this myself. I hate it when people act like suggesting someone is gay is wrong and get annoyed by that instead of lamenting the fact that people have to hide a part of themselves and it Is a fact of many peoples lives this thread is proof of the insulting view of homosexuality.
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