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LGBT identifying teens being more likely to commit suicide could be for many reasons and if making out like coming out of the closet is a big thing it will increase that. Someone that is transgender for example might be more suicidal about having sex change surgeries than having different genitals. Today it is more easy for people to come out of the closet, even for those of African or middle eastern origin. Creating hype about a premier league football player or similar and making out that coming out of the closet is a big thing only creates a bigger gap with sexuality and homosexuality acceptance. You're making out that coming out of the closet is like saying you're not human and that creates a bigger divide, if you coming out of the closet is treated less than someone's preference to chocolate or non chocolate biscuits it would be more accepted. In the end of the day homosexuality is a sexuality which is only applicable to your sex life, it doesn't change the person you are.
No I'm not making that out at all, but you'll genuinely never understand how isolating it can be to be in the closet. I get that it's generally easier these days, but it's still not always easy.

There's completely nothing wrong with being LGBT, but at the same time, you can't ignore the big differences between realising you are LGBT, or realising you are heterosexual.

It's not about highlighting difference, it's about accepting difference.

Your analogy to chocolate is frankly ridiculous.
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