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No I'm not making that out at all, but you'll genuinely never understand how isolating it can be to be in the closet. I get that it's generally easier these days, but it's still not always easy.

There's completely nothing wrong with being LGBT, but at the same time, you can't ignore the big differences between realising you are LGBT, or realising you are heterosexual.

It's not about highlighting difference, it's about accepting difference.

Your analogy to chocolate is frankly ridiculous.
Making out it is isolating is what is making it isolating for them. Why should it be such a big thing? The chocolate biscuit thing was to illustrate how ridiculous making coming out of the closet a big thing is. People should be happy with who they are, why should anyone need to make out it's such a big thing, it just makes it harder for them to come out.
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