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Big rumour on ATRL that the new single is about to drop tomorrow but I'll believe it when I see it lol.

PS Just had to paste this UKMix post from the amazing stats man phoenix83:

BTD 56 (44)

This is Born To Die's 100th week in the UK Top 75 (i.e. the official portion of the chart, which gets published in UK chart books etc.)*

Born To Die thus joins the following landmark albums by female artists which have spent 100+ weeks on both the US BB200 and the UK chart **:

19, Adele
21, Adele
Jagged Little Pill, Alanis Morissette
Back To Black, Amy Winehouse
Tapestry, Carole King
Falling Into You, Celine Dion
The Colour Of My Love, Celine Dion
Teenage Dream, Katy Perry
The Fame, Lady GaGa
Born To Die, Lana Del Rey
Like A Virgin, Madonna
Madonna (The First Album), Madonna
The Immaculate Collection, Madonna
Come Away With Me, Norah Jones
Good Girl Gone Bad, Rihanna
Come On Over, Shania Twain
Private Dancer, Tina Turner
Whitney Houston, Whitney Houston

Not bad company for Lana to be in! :P

* excluding the period 1981-1989 when the whole Top 100 was counted towards weeks on chart.
** chart runs for the above albums can be verified on Hanboo's Chart Histories thread here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=13100.

PPS From global charts:

Some additional sales stats: 'Born To Die' by Lana Del Rey sold 12.000 copies last week, 4,54 million in total,
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