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I knew it! Thought it was waaay too quiet on the what’s Lana gonna play on the Great Britain front and if there's no announcement and it’s all a bit hush hush it usually means Glasto. Brilliant, with UV coming out it’s a great time for her to play it and can't wait to hear the new songs live. Just want her to use all the great experiences and confidence she’s built up from all the brilliant stage shows she’s done now to give a top class performance we know she can. Go on Lana you can do it!

All the little You Tube vids are cool but the audio is usually heavily compressed so it would be very, very nice to have to have high quality TV footage of her on her most sparkling form.

As far as Ultra goes, I know you always made the point that how much better still would Born to Die have done if the US had have been on board from day 1, so yes I think there’s every chance Ultra will fair much better still. Like B2D it will probably be an album that keeps selling too, probably a lot at that start then have dormant periods before coming back. They’ll probably be a song like Summertime Sadness that becomes a big hit when people least expect it. Although *ahem* hopefully without needing a Cedrix Gervais dance remix…I last heard he’s taken to mutilating some Miley Cyrus tunes… best place for him…

Irrespective of how it sells, the main thing is that it ends up being another stunning album, and it seems like she's on fire at the mo so I think we'll be in for a treat.
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