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Not sure if that is a tounge in cheek answer or not. If not then it's not T4 on the beach!!
It wasn't tongue in cheek, I was being serious. I only mentioned three pop names because that's just what my music taste is.

I was expecting and hoping Sam Smith to be on the line-up and think it's very odd that he's not, considering he won the BBC Sound of 2014 poll and the Brits Choice Award, is one of the most talked about and exciting artists in the entire world right now, and is playing various other festivals over the summer. Surely it would make sense for him to play Glasto this year?

Katy B and Ellie Goulding I was expecting because they're no strangers to festivals, and have both had big years - Ellie in particular. They're both currently touring, so it would make sense for them to play Glasto as well. If Rita Ora can play the main stage in 2013 then surely these two are dead certs to play SOME stage this year?!
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