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I'm going to attempt to rank the songs. I think I've listened to the album enough to give this a decent go now, some quick write-ups don't expect them to be well written as I'm doing this in my 30 minute dinnerbreak at work!

The Duds.....

15. Guns & Roses - Pretty boring and monotone, doesn't really do or go anywhere. On saying that I'd still rate this above at least 5 songs on BTD/Paradise.

14. The Other Woman - While this does continue the theme of the album, ending the album on a cover seems odd. As for the song it's to Jazz oriented for me.

13. Shades of Cool - Now this has been confirmed as the next single I'm not surprised. Simply put this is a 'not for me (Clive)' song. I'm just not keen on big singing voice songs.

The Ok's.

12. Is This Happiness - Fine for what it is, a bonus iTunes track (or in old money a B-side track).

11 & 10. Pretty When You Cry/Money, Power, Glory - I've put these two together as that is the major problem with them together they make for a mid section lull. Neither are bad (or particularly good) songs.

9. Black Beauty - There seems to be a lot of hype about this song on this thread, I don't really see it myself, decent track but like the previous two songs tends to get lost and blend it to much on the album.

The Good.

8. Florida Kilos - The standout track of the bonus songs, I'd have like to have seem this on the main album (replacing Pretty Cry) because it offers a different style/tempo.

7. West Coast - Hearing the album in full I can see why this was the first single now. It's a good song and one of the more immediate songs.

6. Sad Girl - On first couple of plays this song stood out as maybe the best track - after repeated plays I've realised it's the beautiful chorus that really stands out. The verves are actually nothing special.

The Great.

5. ****ed My Way To The Top - A Garbage song, Garbage the band that is. This reminds me a lot of Shirley Mansons troopers. It's a great song and kicks the second half of the album back to life after the mid section lull.

4. Ultraviolence - The title track is a great track and bound to cause a up roar due to it's lyrical content, but forget that and just enjoy it.

3. Old Money - This song is a really beauty and should in my opinion be the real album closer, Lana has never sounded so fragile.

2. Cruel World - It's bold to start a commercial album with a song over six and a half minutes long, but it's a real stunner - lots of Mazzy Star comparison in the reviews I've seen. Personally I think this blows anything Mazzy Star had ever done out of the water.

1. Brooklyn Baby - Lana's new masterpiece to go side by side with Videogames and Ride - the guitar stumming is infectious - then the du, du, du's kick in. Lyrically this is far and away my favourite Lana song, it sounds like she just taking the piss.

Someone on this thread said the album sounds like 'The National' and I'd agree - 'The National' via the pen of Shirley Manson...............Listen to Garbages 'Cup of Coffee' and tell me it wouldn't fit on this album!
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