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14. The Other Woman - While this does continue the theme of the album, ending the album on a cover seems odd. As for the song it's to Jazz oriented for me.

11 & 10. Pretty When You Cry/Money, Power, Glory - I've put these two together as that is the major problem with them together they make for a mid section lull. Neither are bad (or particularly good) songs.

3. Old Money - This song is a really beauty and should in my opinion be the real album closer, Lana has never sounded so fragile.
^ I agree. I'm not fond of 'The Other Woman' really and I would prefer the album to stop at Old Money, which is beautiful.

Money, Power, Glory has been in my head for most of the day but I'm not sure I like it. The chorus sounds a bit whiney.

The thing that struck me yesterday whilst I was listening to it was how much I wanted to change the order of the songs...
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