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Also, I'm curious as to what tracks on Born To Die you really disliked.
At the risk of being set on fire by Dragon's breath...

National Anthem & Lolita - I absolutely detest both these songs. Nat Ant in particular! It just feels like something Rihanna would sing, complete with a lyric set aside for rent a rapped 'featuring' section (Ooh, yeah, baby, bow down, Making me so wild now etc). I hate the lyrics - I guess they are supposed to be tongue in cheek, but they don't come across that way at all. I also hate the way she drags out the word 'ovation' (Oo-va-chien) when she sings 'Give me a standing ovation'. Lolita is just another song that sounds like it was written for a completely different artist before Lana recorded it.

Carmen - This song is just a total mess, unlike the above songs It just sound like a proper Lana song, it just flows awfully and the chorus doesn't work for me at all.

Body Electric - Sounds like something thrown together in about 15 minutes.

Then there are a few songs that like Guns & Roses are a bit bland - What Makes Us Girls, Lucky Ones, Burning Desire.
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