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I'll spare you the Dragon's fire...I must be mellowing with age even though you have just dissed all my fave Lana songs ...and just suggest... did you ever see/hear the live or demo versions of the Born to Die tracks that she did? I think you might have enjoyed them more as like Ultraviolence its all proper instrumentation rather than electronica and samples.

I know Blue Jeans isn't on your list, but this version is so god darned beautiful I'll link it again:

Could listen to that all day...

No "Boo-yah baby bow down mak-ing me say wow now," just Lana singing the chorus beautifully on the live version of National Anthem (the perfect way to end her shows).

Could listen to that all day too...

Body Electric-love it! Lana's most Kurt Cobain type song IMO. There are actually 3 versions of the song. The original dark moody live version which I believe is in C# minor (so its dark and sad):

And then on the album they gave it a key change to C# major. A controversial change as it of course makes it all happy and bouncy. Still good IMO, I quite like the Bond guitars on it, but some of the fans thought it ruined it. Did the record company order her to brighten it up? Who knows?

Then on the Paradise tour she hit us with a 3rd version with a further spin on it to make it into a dark eastern sounding riff:

I am greedy and I actual love all 3 different versions, but I bet you'll still say you like none of them eh?

Lolita first appeared on the Lizzy Grant album and was quite different to the version on Born to Die which sounded like Britney on hard drugs.

As for the comments on Carmen....I'll just repeat I wish Digital Spy had face palm smilies. I'll make do with a to show I have done this in good humour!
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