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Rodney McKay
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I have unticked the automatic update option on most of my apps, in particular ones that I don't use (I would quite happily uninstall Facebook, Twitter, Google+ but cannot unless I root my tablet).
So, every couple of days I have to handle (and ignore) around 17 update notifications. Not a problem, only a minor chore.
Occasionally I decide to update an app but I am then informed that the app wants to extend the permissions it needs in order to operate.
Why does my Argos app need access to my photos, microphone, camera, wifi connection details.... ?
The Google Search permission requirements is pretty lengthy too.

So, I am currently declining updates that want to extend their reach into areas I don't think they need to go, especially if I can manage without the app. After all, I'm using a tool not looking for a new intrusive "friend".
Am I being overly concerned about the permissions I am asked to allow?
You can disable crap like Bookface and Google+ quite easily, just go into your apps settings and select the app you should see an option to disable (it might ask to uninstall updates first)
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