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well, to make this short,

my uncle has a video ipod, today he asked me if i would put him a few more albums on it, when i inserted the Cd and opened up itunes and ripped the cd it all went well, but then i plugged the ipod into the pc and the message saying do not disconnect same on, well nothing was happening in itunes. i waited a little longer and it stayed the same, i disconnected it and still it was on, i restarted the pc and then opened up itunes and plugged it back in, nothing happened there but the ipod went back to the menu,

it has done this a few times and the new albums never seem to go on, i am new at this it was my first time, am i doing anything wrong?

could anyone please help me with this,

now, i have brought the ipod back to mine with some of the albums he wanted so i could have ago on my laptop. i have the cable and the ipod and itumes on my pc

now what do i do? i am worried that if i plug it in it may wipe the ipod, and if there are any of fmy tunes in itunes i dont want them going on, do can i delete them out of itunes?

any advise on how to transfer music from itunes to the ipod?

thankyou for all your help

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