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Unfortunately not very funny but just goes to show the crashing insensitivity of the man:

1) Interviewing Kevin Wells (Holly's father) about how the family had coped since Holly's murder, Mr Wells had been talking about the need for forgiveness and attempting to move on with life in as positive a way as possible.
Richard pipes up with something like:

"as a father there must have been something almost visceral, a desire to kill the man who did this horrific and violent thing to your daughter"

2) On a similar theme, R&J are interviewing a young Iraqi woman about her time spent in Saddam Hussein's palace as a child. She speaks at some length, and quite movingly, about how she is glad that Saddam has been captured and that justice will be done but that she doesn't advocate the death penalty because she believes it goes against Islamic doctrine.

Richard concludes the interview with something like:

"don't worry love, he'll be swinging at the end of a rope soon!"
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