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I've never liked smarmy Richard. I dislike his constant self-promotion and the way he loves to waffle on about himself at great length to anyone sat in front of him, regardless of whether or not they are interested. My God though, I never realised what a sickeningly callous man he is.
How he can treat his wife with as little respect as to talk about her experience with thrush on TV like that, or to be constantly undermining her is beyond belief.

And thats before the disgusting comments to the boy with leukaemia, the anorexic girl, Matt Lucas, the height discrimination campaigners, Kevin Wells and many more.

A truly revolting man who feels the need to talk about his sex life (Eww! by the way) and dye his hair to desperately try to look young and trendy.

I agree that he seems to be a mirror image of Partridge, at least on a cringeworthy level. However his heartless comments go far beyond anything ever dreamt up by Steve Coogan.

I wont be watching his programme and will be hoping he vacates our tv schedules in the near future.
I feel deeply sorry for his wife and really do hope she sets him straight one day in front of his beloved audience.
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