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MUST READ: What is and isn't acceptable in this forum

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Old 11-10-2006, 23:00
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There appears to be some confusion at the moment over what precisely is permitted in this forum.

The Terms and Conditions
When you use Digital Spy, you're agreeing to our terms and conditions. If you violate them, we are entitled to terminate your use of the site. If you submit abusive messages to our systems in violation of both our T&Cs and, most likely, the Acceptable Use Policy of your ISP(s), we may inform the relevant ISP(s).

Here are some ideas to consider about what the Terms and Conditions mean for your day-to-day use of our radio forum:

What's acceptable
This is a forum for the discussion of radio-related topics - technologies, stations and programming.

Share your well-reasoned opinions and cogent arguments on these topics, and keep off-topic chatter in the chatter forum.

What isn't acceptable
This isn't an exhaustive list; what follows are merely some guidelines to consider before pushing the "submit new thread" or "submit reply" buttons.

Opinions submitted without reasoning - "{presenter/station/technology} is {good/bad}" aren't welcome here. They're boring, often disruptive, and will be removed. Your posting privileges will be revoked.

Arguments that contain personal remarks and/or pointless attacks on people or things are boring, often disruptive, and will be removed. Your posting privileges will be revoked.

Discussion of illegal activities or of potentially libellous topics is not permitted on Digital Spy.

(The pattern: if you break the rules, your comments will be removed so that people won't see them; your posting privileges will be revoked; if your comments are abusive, we'll submit an abuse report to your ISP.)

What you can do to help
If you see an unsuitable comment, alert-and-ignore it. Digital Spy's forum support team will review it and take action as appropriate. Don't address personal attacks on the board. Don't take threads further off-topic by trying to reason with the unreasonable.

Read the Terms and Conditions in full. You're agreeing to abide by our rules when using our forums. If you don't use our forums within our rules, your use of our site will be terminated.
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