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Why so much fuss over Lee telling 'lies' on his CV?

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Old 05-07-2008, 22:41
pogo ogo
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In a previous series, was it Syed or Tre, who said he was a "global businessman".

During Interviews Week it came out that he was buying and selling a few items from India -- one back room in the home dealing with another back room in the home.
It was Tre and it was hilarious! I especially liked it when the interviewer wasn't particularly taken by his comments and kept asking Tre again and again!

They are both openness.
I agree they're both openness, but I don't think they are one part of your life, two separate parts. We didn't need to know about Simon's drug habits, because they were irrelevant and off the point of the job in hand. He is not going to be completing a project on drug habits now is he!
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