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Piers Morgan article 'In defence of Susan Boyle'

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Old 28-05-2009, 13:08
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Oh right, understood.

I dunno, maybe Im too darn stupid for my own good, but Piers did at least give the impression the piece was written with sincerity and it came from the heart and Id LIKE to believe he had her best interests at heart (but then I guess one could argue, thats how a good journo makes a living by getting us to believe what they want you to )
Personally, if a professional journalist told me today was Thursday I would double check.
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Old 28-05-2009, 13:27
Liz G-S
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I think the message is sincere - even if it isn't, it makes a lot of sense. Piers has always supported Susan and been complimentary about her. Whatever his motives, I am sure it has given her a boost
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Old 28-05-2009, 13:34
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She's had a tough life, been mocked and bullied over her looks and her learning difficulty, labelled 'Simple Susan' and endured feelings of worthlessness. The one thing she has is her talent.
All of which would be fine and dandy if BGT were some kind of therapy programme. But it isn't. It's a primetime TV talent show carrying a prize of 100k and a booking for a gig that professional artistes spend their whole careers trying to get.

Change a few words and your above defence could be describing Edith Piaf. Yet, nobody ever said of Piaf, 'Aw, give her break; she's had a hard life'. They heard her life expressed through her remarkable voice. All that can really be said of Miss Boyle is that she can project quite well and more or less holds the tune. Her stage presence is no more outstanding than any number of dotty old aunties who've entertained at a wedding after a couple of large sherries.
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Old 28-05-2009, 14:01
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I agree with the sentiment of the article, but given that it's written by Piers, I find it hard to take it seriously.

I can't see her having the stamina or social skills to cope in any way with a recording or stage career. This seems to have been conveniently glossed over by most. I'm not surprised that the inevitable backlash is starting, and how sad that at the centre of it is a woman who is more than likely ill-equipped to deal with it.
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Old 28-05-2009, 15:17
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good on him, i agreee with everything he said.
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Old 29-05-2009, 14:01
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Most reasonably minded people would agree with the sentiments of Piers Morgans comments in his Blog and this video.

There is no disputing his video comment,

'The whole World is going Susan Boyle mad'
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