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Old 16-10-2009, 15:47
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Does anyone have any experience of setting up a web comic at all?

The project is still in it's infancy - I have yet to find a suitable artist to illustrate the storyline but the writing is complete & that seems to have been the awkward part - but before I plunge head first into online publishing I thought it best to check if anyone has any horror stories to tell of setting something like this up...
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Old 17-10-2009, 07:53
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I do.

Mine wasn't an entirely succesful project, and 8ball comics was several years ago, but I believe my advice should still ring true today:

Make sure before going online with comic number 1 that you have at least the first month's comics ready in at least a rough fashion. Ensure that the quality stays the same throughout that month or gets better, early dips will be severly punished wth loss of readership. (Thi is of course moot if you are doing an entirely current events satire, but this is rare, and even in this case, there are not always enough decent materials in the news world, make sure you have somethihng to fall back on)

Set an update schedule

STICK to that update schedule. Yes, there are plenty of well established webcomic authors that are always behind schedule, but almost all of them were on time during their early days, it's early on when the small mistakes are getting punished the worst.

Be prepared for everything from drawing/writing the comic, updating the site, and liasing with fans, to take longer than you expected. Even a 1 update a week webcomic is a big time taker, make sure you've got the commitment before you start.

When trying to advertise the site at first, unless you are using banner ads on other sites,try not to be too agressive, this is the one thing that irks me most with new webcomics etc, someone so brash about how amazing their new comic is, where I see their posts everywhere on the forums, can be REALLY off-putting.

I hope that advice helps a little, and I wish you the best of luck! If there is anything you wish to ask, please do!
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