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Can first loves be a success?

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Old 20-04-2012, 18:28
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Yes, of course they can. There are no rules. Be honest with yourself and him, keep your fingers crossed, good luck and God speed.
To be honest, I'm just dying to come out with a cynical line, but I truly can't think of anything, and anyway cynicism is usually just another defence.

I've just gone back over the other replies and they are all positive, so take a hint. I have not been as lucky in love as I might have been, though I think I know why (but here isn't the place to rehearse it all). Some are, some aren't: it really is down to you, him/her and a dollop of common sense, wisdom, a lack of ego, a willingness to work things out and, I suppose, out and out luck.

But I'll repeat: yes, of course. Don't look back, look forward, and I and all the others here wish you all the best.
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