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Worst advert on TV at the moment (Part 7)

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Old 29-08-2012, 17:26
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The new Daz advert. I do NOT want to see Barry from EastEnders in a pair of speedos!
I feel quite nauseous when I see that advert as well
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Old 29-08-2012, 18:30
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Sorry, but that is a very unexcellent point! Whatever both the posters personal feelings about any particular conflict or government, it is crass and frankly insulting to imagine that these "young people" are "naive" and by implication "stupid" to enter into any of the Armed Forces. I expect you were "disgusted" at seeing all those uniforms at the Olympics then. It is an insult to those that do, and those that support them.

Before you jump to any conclusion, no, I have no family in the services, no, I have never "lost" anyone due to a "pointless" war. However, I have admiration for those that do. I frankly care little about what you think of this comment, but please pick the bones out as you see fit.
The military make it their business to recruit heavily in deprived areas, it is not because they feel they will find excellent recruits, it is because they need mindless canon fodder, end of story.

Whether you accept that or not is your business. I'm not here to convince you.
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Old 29-08-2012, 18:46
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Kia Cee'd Daft name for car and those lyrics must have taken some thinking about!
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Old 29-08-2012, 19:40
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The advert with Professor Green!
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Old 29-08-2012, 19:55
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I have had to stop watching pick tv due to the most annoying bunch of kids shouting different sports at me at every ad break with sky tv's pick your sport I fear for my tv's well being otherwise.
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Old 29-08-2012, 20:14
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The advert with Professor Green!

Have to agree with that
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Old 29-08-2012, 20:33
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Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but that advert where they say they secretly replaced the (probably very expensive!) products at a beauty spa with a common or garden brand (can't remember exactly what one it is) available from any supermarket, really irritates me.

How DARE they do this to paying customers!!

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Old 29-08-2012, 20:58
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Hey, why haven't they done part 8 yet?
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Old 29-08-2012, 20:59
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