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what is your typical viewing day?

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Old 17-01-2013, 20:20
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for example during the week I watch far too many quiz shows.

today for example its:

2.40 countdown
3.30 beat the clock
5.00 the chase
6.00 eggheads
7.00 hollyoaks

later on at 10.00 i'll watch southland.

I really need to get a life....

is anyone even worse than me?
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Old 17-01-2013, 20:34
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The tv goes on in the morning - daybreak on in background - i call it "housework tv"
At 10.30 i pay attention to this morning to see if they have anything of interest on- then i tune out again for a while-
5pm the chase
6pm eggheads
7pm emmerdale
9pm midsommer/ lewis

Itv seems to be my fav channel!!!
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Old 17-01-2013, 20:38
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For the past month or so - time permitting - it's been watching The Sopranos for the third time in as many years (3 episodes to go).

I tend to also try and fit The Chase in.
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Old 17-01-2013, 21:07
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17:00 Charmed
18:00 The Simpsons
18:30 The Big Bang Theory
19:00 Channel 4 News
20:00 - 23:00 Random things that are on in the background but I'm not really watching.
23:00 Family Guy and then American Dad, then I turn the TV off.

In bed I watch two episodes of Angel online. I'm up to season 3. When that's finished, I'll be watching the new series of Spartacus, Game of Thrones and Hot In Cleveland, all downloaded.

On Mondays I download the new episodes of The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad, but I'm waiting until I finish Angel before I start watching them again.
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Old 17-01-2013, 21:37
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We will have Sky News on in the morning until we leave for work.
Get home after 5 so will have The Chase on while we chat and have a cup of tea. Between 6-7 we are usually making/eating dinner.

If my parents are home then the soaps will be on from 7 but if they are not then I usually stick on a film or a comedy show repeat on Comedy Central, or something I've Sky+.

And then if there's a documentary or a drama or something on around 8-9 we will watch that - something that everyone watches and talks about at work the next day.
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Old 17-01-2013, 21:40
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