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Gregor Rebula and Rachael Heron split

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Old 24-01-2013, 00:37
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I think this explains it a bit better than I ever could!

Two marks will be given for each show throughout the whole competition, and will be based on adjudicating each performing couple individually and not to be judged by companson: a. Technical Merit - the technical quality of the dancing. b. Artistic Impression (1) Choreography (a) Is it used to express the music to it's fullest extent? (b) Is it using the theme of the music if there is any? (c) Are there clever and musically related ideas used in the choreography? (2) Originality of the idea (a) Related to music. (b) Related to choreography to the particular music. (c) Related to theme ideas (choreographically, performance, choice of dress). (3) Entertainment to the public c. The range of marks must be from 5.0 up to 6.0 as the best mark. Two couples can have the same marking. The two sets of marks will be added together and a placing allocated to each couple from each adjudicator with the highest total receiving first place.
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Old 24-01-2013, 01:19
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On Strictly each celeb is awarded merit paddles by 4 judges, and the 4 paddles are totaled and converted into a rank on the leaderboard. In Bournemouth 13 judges decided, thus mitigating the influence of any one judge.

Strictly celebs dance one at a time in sequence rather than 6 on the floor simultaneously as in a Bournemouth Final, so it would be hard for Strictly judges to immediately award a ranking number rather than merit number in a telegenic way.

Strictly paddles range from 1 to 10, whereas in Week 1 merit placing range from 1 to 14. In Week 1 therefore a rogue merit ranking awarded by a judge has more scope for distorting the leaderboard, whereas in the final weeks with say 4 celebs left, a rogue paddle has more scope for damage.

On a count of first places awarded by Bournemouth judges, Yulia actually beat Joanna by 34 to 28, leaving 3 for Melia. However by Bournemouth rules Joanna won by 3 dances to 2, analogous to winning Wimbledon by 3 sets to 2, counting sets won not games won. If the 5 dances were compared to 5 tennis sets, then Yulia won the jive set 6-0. However, Joanna had 3 sets in the bag, thus the crown of laurels.

The vibes are such that in 4 months Joanna can no longer count on winning her 6th Blackpool in a row.
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Old 26-01-2013, 13:38
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I'd like to think that between now and Blackpool is a hell of a long time for improvements and changes to be made, but I do feel the vibes you speak of. I just hate those judges who have their marks before they've even watched people dance
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