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Scanners blu ray

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Old 28-01-2013, 10:07
Ted Cunterblast
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Watched this a few days ago on a new, a German import with German titles and text on the cover etc, but obviously with English dialogue track for the movie (no English subs, though).

There was a similar release of this same title a year or so back, but seems the pic and sound quality were not good (and with no extras either)...thankfully that has been corrected for this latest release.

That's not to say the pic and sound are exactly revalatory...it's an 80's low budget movie, so though it looks far better than it has done before, it's still a bit rough in places.

Still a very enjoyable film, some great ideas and notions, though Cronenberg did struggle to achieve his vision with a very low budget, and this shows in some of the action sequences and stunts. That said, the effects still hold up very well, and are still quite disturbing.

Patrick McGoohan is excellent, Michael Ironside was clearly a star in the making...only Stephen Lack's low-key, uncharismatic performance in the lead role let it down.(Lack was not an actor, he was and still is a sculptor and artist).

There is a interesting new interview with Lack, a poster and stills gallery, original and newly restored trailer, and a commentary (Markus Stigglegger?), though sadly no input from Cronenberg.
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Old 28-01-2013, 19:46
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oh loved scanners and all the scanner type knock offs like scanner cop an what not, you just see people with a straining look like theyre tryin to pass the titanic, some veins get visible an BAM head asplode fun times in the 80s/90s
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