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Banned websites sites in China??

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Old 30-01-2013, 14:21
Gusto Brunt
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I had emailed a business contact in China and asked him to look at my website.

He said he couldn't see it. I wondered why, then I thought maybe his Internet might be censored.

But I cannot understand why. It's only a hair products website. A dot com.

Totally harmless.
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Old 30-01-2013, 14:28
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let me guess... .you're hoping someone asks you what your website is, thus giving you a bit of free advertising
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Old 30-01-2013, 14:31
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China has extreme levels of censorship, lots of stuff gets banned.
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Old 06-02-2013, 23:39
Inge Jones
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It's true, I have a user from China on my site and he says there are lots of sites we take for granted such as facebook that he is unable to connect to directly.
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