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Concert Live security issues

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Old 29-01-2013, 22:17
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In the past I've bought one or two cds from Concert Live-one of the firms who record live gigs and have them ready for you to buy on cd as you leave about twenty minutes after the gig ends. Yesterday I received the following email from them:

"Dear Concert Live Customer,

Please read this email carefully. It is not a spam email and we are not asking you to click any links or enter any information anywhere. We take customer data protection extremely seriously and take all precautions to protect all customer data. Unfortunately however, we have encountered a breach of security in our system, which may put some of your data at risk.

We can assure you your credit card information and banking details are not in jeopardy. We do not hold or store this information anywhere on our system. However, if you do use the same registered e-mail address and password you set up with Concert Live on any other sites (e.g. PayPal, Amazon, Facebook, Google Mail, etc.) you should take care to change your passwords on these sites immediately, as well as your Concert Live registered e-mail and password.

We have discovered that these details may have been accessed unlawfully and could be used to access these other accounts if the details are the same. If you have used the same e-mail address and password on any other accounts, please change these as a precaution.

We can assure you that we have taken all appropriate measures to firstly prevent and then rectify this issue, as well as to prevent any future breaches from occurring. We will continue to update you with any news we receive on this matter.

We are deeply sorry for any inconveniences this may cause you and hope this does not affect your relationship with Concert Live in the future, as we consider you a highly respected customer.

Kindest Regards,
Concert Live".

I can't even remember my Concert Live password to be honest and I'm pretty confident it's not the same as my passwords for Facebook,Amazon,etc,however this may account for why my email account has suddenly been flooded with spam,having had close to 100 spam messages in the last three-four days.
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Old 30-01-2013, 11:54
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That suggests that they were storing passwords in plain text, which is complete incompetence for any company. Not much to do now, though, once an email address is out there it's going to get spammed for life. If possible I always use disposable addresses for that sort of site.
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Old 05-02-2013, 12:23
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Dear Forum Members,

Concert Live takes customer security very seriously and, as such, we take care to protect any details with the tightest surveillance. It is our responsibility as a company to not only provide exceptional products for our customers, but also offer an even greater level of care when it comes to internet security protection.

When registering with Concert Live, all passwords are fully encrypted. The site is certified as PCI DSS secure and we follow all official data protection procedures as laid out by The Information Commissioner's Office alongside carrying out our own rigorous regular checks on security.

Concert Live never store or hold customer card or payment details, so there is no risk of fraud. In one of our quarterly security checks, we found possible weaknesses that could have allowed a breach of access to customer e-mails. Subsequently, to further protect our customers, we felt it was best to inform them of this potential vulnerability, urge them to change their passwords as a precautionary measure and if using the same password for other key sites, which is not recommended for anyone to do, to change these as well.

We fully understand that this potential security vulnerability was a major inconvenience to a number of our customers and, for those that experienced any problems, we are very sorry.

We can however assure all of our customers Concert Live is completely secure and will continue to be in the future.

Kindest Regards,

Concert Live
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