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Your favourite British makeup 'guru's?

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Old 13-02-2013, 15:05
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Here are my top 10, no particular order, please add any others you know of! I want to focus on British beauty vloggers now because I find their advice and reviews more relevant than most of the American gurus.

A Model Recommends - a real fashion model, Ruth Crilly who vlogs from places like her Paris and NY hotel rooms. She's very knowledgeable on high end skincare.

blusherandblogging - this is Susie Amy's channel, she played Chardonnay in Footballers Wives She doesn't have many subs yet, but she seems lovely and her videos are very informative. I love this one about using Superdrug Vitamin E cream to refresh afternoon makeup

camiloveskiwi - has tons of makeup and very good taste

Charlotte Tilbury - very famous makeup artist, works with Kate Moss a lot. Started her own channel after a successful cameo on Lisa Eldridges channel

Daisynation - just getting back into YouTube after a break. She's a professional makeup artist. I really like her for her more unusual videos, like reviewing a cult perfume site. She has great videos on how to work with pale skin

Emma Pickles - I don't take much from her channel in terms of tips I can use, but she's great to watch. Her Hallowe'en tutorials are amazing. She can turn herself into the Joker, Edward Scissorhands, even a Black Ops 2 zombie! Her vids are very short too which is nice sometimes

essiebutton - she's a Canadian who lives in the UK, she has a nice chatty persona and loads of makeup

gemsmaquillage - she does regular hauls and nice tutorials, and has a really good vlog channel and health channel. She goes to a lot of promo events so gets some products early

I Covet Thee - she seems to be getting very popular now. Nice videos, hauls, tutorials

Lisa Eldridge - if you only subscribe to one beauty guru she should be the one! Her videos and finished looks are beautiful, and everything she likes using is well worth trying. I actually take notes from her videos, they are a masterclass in makeup! She's very successful as a makeup artist and regularly does makeup for glossy mag covers and premieres
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