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New Story - The Master's Revenge

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[Just like the last one about A Valentine's To Remember, but this time, you can write what you want. It doesn't have to be one line at a time. Everytime you post, what you say has to follow the story. You still have to wait until another person has posted before continuing]

The Doctor, River and Clara had finnished watching Hitchcock in 2013, and had got back in the Tardis. The Tardis took off and a few seconds later, arrived back at the Stormcage Containment Facility Prison in the 51st Century. The Doctor and Clara waved goodbye to River before getting back into the Tardis. The Doctor pulled a leaver, then the Tardis dissapeared.

The Doctor went under the console to do some maintenance. "I'm going to make this Tardis blend in with it's surroundings and stop it being a police box if it kills me!" he said, trying to fix a wire under the console. He pressed his sonic screwdriver and it buzzed. Suddenly, the Tardis started to shake uncontrollably. "Oh, no! What have I done?" The Doctor said. "Doctor, you'd better look at this, quick!" said Clara.

The Doctor got up and looked at the scanner screen. "The Master's Tardis! It's following us." He said. "That's right, Doctor! I'm out to get you!" Said the Master, cackling, evily, through the Tardis's speaker. "You can't be after me. I sent you back into the Time War, just before I regenerated into my Eleventh persona.." said the Doctor. "That means the Time Lords could be back!" "Oh, no Doctor. Just me. I managed to unlock enough to get myself out, but no-one else." Said the Master. "Yeah, yeah!" said the Doctor, pressing a button to turn the scanner off, then the speaker.

He turned to Clara, Tardis still shaking a bit. "We need to defeat the Master once and for all. Stop him from regenerating ever. Possibly kill him." "How will you do that, Doctor?" said Clara. "I need to phone my old friend Martha Smith, formerly Jones on Earth. She'll know what to do. She's met the Master before. I've still got a mobile phone that she left me. I'll use that." Said the Doctor. He grabbed the phone, rang directory enquiries to find out her new number for her and Mickey's house. Once he'd got the number, he rang it. A voice answered...
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