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PVR Editing of recording on the fly

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Old 17-02-2013, 23:04
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In the old days of low tech VHS you could edit with the pause button as you went, esp handy for creating action packed edits of films (ie cutting out the tedious love interest parts) why can't can't this is done with digital PVRs? If you hit pause the live image stops but the recoding carries on.

I'm sure there is a perfectly simple reason but I can't quite think what it would be.
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Old 17-02-2013, 23:22
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I've always wanted this or even a post edit facility.
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Old 17-02-2013, 23:36
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Not sure why it has to be "on the fly" but there are several PVRs which let you edit recordings in various ways.
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Old 18-02-2013, 18:35
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You couldn't do it "on the fly" and maintain the "Pause Live TV" feature without additional dedicated editing sub menus.
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