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BBC4 has acquired Swedish Arne Dahl crime dramas

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Old 11-03-2013, 16:24
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BBC4 has acquired Swedish drama Arne Dahl and Italian police drama Inspector Da Luca to build on its success with The Killing, Borgen and The Bridge...Arne Dahl, which is based on Jan Arnald’s novels, is based on a series of elite police officers that investigate dark crimes. It is written Rolf Börjlind and Cecilia Börjlind and produced by Filmlance International in association with Sweden’s SVT, Germany’s ZDF and Nordisk Film Production.

This is most welcome news and this new series started on SVT1 Swedish Television last December. This series is based on the novels of Swedish author Jan Arnald. It looks like we'll all get to know Inspector Arto Söderstedt now.

More here:
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Old 21-03-2013, 23:15
vinegar vera
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The series starts on Saturday 6 April. There are five stories of three hours each. Each story is broken up over two weeks.

All the Arne Dahl DVDs are available already on amazon. There are two books available too.
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Old 21-03-2013, 23:54
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These dramas have been quite good, my Mum has really enjoyed watching them.
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