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Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman BBC R4

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Old 16-03-2013, 14:11
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Why the best thing thats on this weekend is on the radio (Telegraph)

This should be really good - excellent writer and cast.

Lots of people may not be aware of this as it's not on TV but BBC Radio 4 and R4 Extra. Starts at 2.30pm today.

See http://www.digitalspy.co.uk
Neil Gaiman Neverwhere

and http://www.bbc.co.uk Neverwhere

and http://www.telegraph.co.uk Neil Gaimans Neverwhere "Why the best thing thats on this weekend is on the radio"

Should be good stuff.
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Old 17-03-2013, 23:03
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Thanks for this, have just caught up with this episode on iplayer and will listen to the rest throughout the week. Probably would have missed it entirely if not for this post.

Neverwhere is one of my favourite Neil Gaiman books, and this seems to be a very well done adaptation.
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