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Upgrade advice, E2 Save?

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Old 21-03-2013, 12:01
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Hey guys, just wondering if someone can give a bit of understanding to the situation my partner is in. He got a call 2 days ago offering an upgrade to his 02 contract, he assumed it was 02 on the phone and the woman asked which phone he was thinking of upgrading too and offered him options on that phone (iphone 5). Even though he was hoping to bring his contract down from the 42 a month hes paying for his iphone 4 contract, he stupidly agreed to take out a 47 a month unlimited everything package. Once I found out I told him to cancel as he doesn't use more than 200 minutes a month as it is and doesn't really go over 1Gb internet either. As he has ruined his credit in the last couple of years, his options of mobile providers is limited as he wouldn't get accepted for a new contract with anyone else we don't think.

So when he called to cancel the contract he couldnt get through on the number provided if there were any questions about the upgrade. So he rang 02's customer service number and they had no information about an upgrade. He said he wanted to cancel it anyway if it came up. He was then offered an upgrade through themselves and he agreed another upgrade for the iphone 5.

Fast forward to today and 2 iphone 5s have arrived the first being from the 02 upgrade he arranged yesterday and the other one from a company called e2save.. Firstly my question is why wouldnt the upgrade have been notified to 02 from e2save? who are e2save? and since e2 have taken no bank details/information how are they planning on charging for it without linking the account through his existing contract? I think he now has to send it back at his own charge for his stupidity of agreeing to such an expensive contract.
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Old 21-03-2013, 20:52
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e2save are an online-only subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse.

Your partner would be best to arrange to return the handset e2save delivered and as quickly as possible - it wouldn't be unheard of for a company to ring offering an 'upgrade' but actually sell a new contract on a different network.
I'm not saying that's what happened here necessarily but it's as likely as your partner's upgrade not having gone through, plus O2 don't offer any tariffs that include 'unlimited everything'.
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