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Does anyone else think Kate Bush is a musical genius?

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Old 13-03-2013, 13:15
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I love the placebo cover adds another dimension to the song as for the futureheads not so much (i wonder if people realise she usually sends a letter of thanks and congratulations to those who cover her work )
I remember she sent a card and a recorded message to Noel Fielding when he did 'Let's Dance For Comic Relief" the other year. He's a massive fan of hers so he was really chuffed by it
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Old 20-03-2013, 14:44
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Yes i absolutely do she almost single handedly changed the landscape for women in music today without her no Bjork, PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, Florence Welch, Ellie Goulding, Fiona Apple etc alot of women have alot to thank her for as alot of what they do can be directly or indirectly be traced back to her music.
Bjork, Tori Amos, Florence Welch and Fiona Apple have also name checked Joni Mitchell as a big influence on their own music and careers. To say that Kate Bush "almost single-handedly changed the landscape for women in music today" is a tad ridiculous. She's one of many female artists whose influence and impact has inspired other singers in the last 30 years and continues to do so today. She's simply one part of a bigger picture. Let's not give her all the credit.

On a side note, Kate Bush was lucky to have had David Gilmour as a contact. She only scored a record deal after he paid for better demo tapes to be sent out to record companies.
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Old 20-03-2013, 15:12
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Money talks in the music business,plenty of women had `creative control`--as long as they were successful,just like the men. It`s getting success without alienating your feminity,that`s the acheivement of Kate Bush. Patti Smith is hardly `girl next door`,Joni Mitchell almost defined herself as the `girlfriend`,the `girl in love`,almost secondary to the men in her life. Kate Bush has never been like that.

Patti Smith never had to alienate her femininity since she was never overtly feminine to begin with. She certainly never had to sacrifice herself to become successful in music. She simply found success on her own terms and by being herself just like Kate Bush did. They're both completely different artists anyway.

Who Joni Mitchell dated or slept with is a minor detail in what is one of the most celebrated and acclaimed careers of the last 50 years. Sure she dated a few famous men but she was part of the Laurel Canyon crowd whose lives were so interwoven and connected. Linda Ronstadt, Carly Simon and Michelle Phillips were all part of the same crowd and dated freely whilst still balancing successful careers or going on to achieve them several years later. The late 1960s was a completely different time to when Kate Bush came on the scene. Like another user has already mentioned, Joni Mitchell was the first woman to write, compose, arrange, produce, play multiple instruments and paint the album covers, a feat few artists, especially women, were awarded at the time. Joni Mitchell’s incredible talent spoke for itself from day one and that has never changed or been in jeopardy. The only thing people remember about her relationship with Graham Nash is that "Blue", one of the most celebrated albums ever, was part of the inspiration behind it.
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Old 25-03-2013, 06:28
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YES, YES, YES!! She's amazing
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Old 25-03-2013, 23:54
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No, she's awful. That damn screechy voice is irritating.
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Old 26-03-2013, 00:44
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I wish she had done more work and performed more live.
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