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Any Joss Stone fans?

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Old 25-03-2013, 17:45
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I must admit that I never used to like her and after that BRITS moment (which on reflection isnt even that bad) I always thought she was abit stuck up however I've recently been listening to her alot and I've fallen in love with her stuff, never realised she had such a unique and powerful voice.

Just had a look at her discography and was shocked to discover that she's done alot better in the US than she has over here. Her last four albums have been top 10 hits in the US but have barely made a scratch in the UK?

I would love to see her live, are there any more fans out there?
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Old 25-03-2013, 18:11
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I adored her Mind,Body & Soul album, you had me was so amazing
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Old 25-03-2013, 18:40
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Yes! She's incredible. So underrated. I loved 'Soul Sessions vol. 2', it's one of my favorite 2012 releases actually
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Old 26-03-2013, 07:16
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Adore Joss stone. Have all her albums and seen her live. Incredible underrated. Her Introducing album is one of my all time fav albums.
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