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Justin Timberlake gets a Billboard number 1 with

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Old 27-03-2013, 16:17
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968,000 albums sold in the first week. Amazing! An RnB or neo soul album hasn't done this well in its first week since Usher's Confessions. JT is a bit short of Usher's 1.1 mill, but still great numbers nonetheless.
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Old 27-03-2013, 16:19
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Really great sales, I'm really happy his comeback has happened with such a bang. The album is spectacular so these sales are well deserved imo.

Would have been even better to see it hit 1m first week, but even so, these are massive sales for an album that has such a different sound to everything else out there. Well done JT.
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Old 27-03-2013, 16:22
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Chuffed for him. Brilliant album.
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Old 27-03-2013, 16:35
Hit Em Up Style
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Brilliant. Probably going to be the years best selling artist by a long shot.
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Old 27-03-2013, 17:20
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Well, done to him and also Timbaland for producing .
Love Listening to this album while doing my Uni work. Great album with the R&B sound. It shows that R&B can still sell if the songs/production is really good.
Great comeback.....
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Old 27-03-2013, 17:37
Josh Pinder
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I think what I have to say is (playing the album on You Tube now) is that while i am definitely not a Justin fan..he is a very influenced soul....and it shos....its a very mid-tempo Neo Soul driven album and i ADORE Neo Soul sounds...so glad it made a comeback into todays music with Janelle Monae, Frank Ocean....and now JT bringing it into Pop

.....it has to be said that the way the album has been marketed and branded is a definite and effective way to ensure sales/commercial response....i mean Stateside he did several high profile shows, not one....he did the Superbowl Weekend Concert, he did the grammys, he hosted another SNL watched by millions every week.....and also he ensured worldwide promo centred on Europe with his Brits performance...with this and of course fanbase awareness.

...The 20/20 Experience has been a very Old Skool experience....the Old Skool/traditional ways are the best....not to mention the music quality does showcase an evolution from his more Bubblegum approach early on (in my ears of course) to a slicker feel and cohesive conceptualised album by the sound of it too....which is definitely the way forward in music...and hopefully it will wake other artists up!...believe in YOUR material, take time recording, buld a style around it and concept and push as much out there as possible....the result....fastest selling album worldwide already

Also while i also feel The 20/20 album doesnt really have too much variation (at the moment i am on Tunnel Vision) i feel that the production is superb, but the way its united with the lyrical content and vocals it kinda jars the effect somewhat also....its like simplistic lyrics...often quite cheesy/jarring, a soft vocal and a complex production of similar sounds across the album are not necessarily for me....kudos to him for doing an album he is proud of, has been better recieved (Metacritic has it at 74% acclaim) than his previous (Futuresex/Lovesounds is 70% Justified is 68%) albums.But i am pleased that

a) neo-soul is making its way into Pop

b) it showcases an artists/entertainers passion for the material

c) it shows that old skool promo is the way forward to secure strong commercial response

d) it shows a musical cohesiveness/concept that is lacking in Pop in mainstream of recent years.
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Old 27-03-2013, 18:30
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Too bad he fell short of the million mark
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Old 27-03-2013, 18:42
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Well technically he still holds the record for best first week sales with N*Sync for no strings attached which sold 2.4m. But otherwise so glad the album is a success and people have embraced hinm and his comeback a great album deerves its succes.
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Old 27-03-2013, 19:21
Sick n Sexified
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I really like this album apart from (funnily enough) the two singles.
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Old 27-03-2013, 19:25
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I like the album but some of the songs are a bit too long and end up getting a bit annoying.
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