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Robson Greene

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Old 03-04-2013, 00:40
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I'm a Geordie and even the poshest Geordie accents don't sound as put on as Robson's .... he's done that for a while now and it does sound very affected
Robson's accent sounds like Kevin Whately's, but Robson's sounds totally fake and put on. He doesn't realise how daft he sounds.
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Old 03-04-2013, 17:29
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Yup! Born in Newcastle upon Tyne! Has to be said, quite a nice area though but obviously I don't really want to say where on a public forum!

And I didn't say everyone spoke like RG, but we don't ALL talk in 'harsh' accents and yes, I know quite a few who talk like RG. I have a Geordie twang but am not broad, I don't sound a lot like Cheryl Cole for example. People from other parts of the country/other countries have no trouble understanding me.

And anyway, Consett is a different accent than Newcastle! The same way that Sunderland has a different accent as does Durham etc. To outsiders it probably all sounds the same but to us in the know - WE can tell the difference
I agree re the accent.

Robson is a Northumbrian like myself so not a Geordie if we are being picky and there are plenty of us from Northumberland who would basically sound like posh Geordies to anyone from outside the area.

Granted his accent is a bit affected now but coming from Hexham then Cramlington way his accent was always going to be softer than Cheryl Coles
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