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Katherine Jenkins Why does she attract such negative press

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Old 24-04-2013, 14:08
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Yes, I'm not a fan especially, but she ran a marathon looking glam and takes care of her appearance; so what?
Nothing wrong with it at all, but how can someone look so fresh after running it? I am genuinely perplexed.
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Old 24-04-2013, 15:20
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i've never forgiven her for that either - maybe Jan moir was in Team Rhydian?
I've never forgiven her either. She's more than capable of not singing in that 'mouth full of marbles' style as she demonstrates regularly on tour. Her vocals are often so affected that I can't even decipher what she's singing even when I know the song and the lyrics

She was trying to make the performance all about her rather than supporting the contestant. I'm afraid whether it's fair or not, she comes across as an attention seeker......always has and is still doing so.
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Old 26-04-2013, 16:00
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that is a shallow opinion if ever i saw one, but in answer to your equally shallow question. we have had bald prime ministers, but we have never had a prime minister that was born in wales.

i don't buy the fact that katherine and neil are welsh is the true source of their criticism any more than i believe it is due to their respective looks. however, in katherine`s case, she clearly rubs people up the wrong way and continues to do so. even after running a marathon for charity, some people couldn't applaud her efforts without using the opportunity to stick the boot in once again.
Have you never heard of David Lloyd George ?
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Old 26-04-2013, 16:32
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Have you never heard of David Lloyd George ?
of course, but he was born in manchester.
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