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Had the most horrific day. Failed my driving theory test.

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Old 09-05-2013, 10:36
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The trick with the hazard perception is to click when you see the hazard first developing. rather than in the middle or at the end or as the car passes it.
I'm a little confused over the hazard perception test.

I just watched this video


There are many things in the first part of the clip that I would consider hazards that weren't identified as such in the video (i.e. the cars in the right hand lane to me present much more of a hazard than the parked van - and yet were not identified as a hazard.).

In the second half of the clip - the hazards seem to be identified inconsistently. In some cases an upcoming junction to the left or an oncoming car is identified as a hazard - and yet later in the clip, similar hazards are not identified as such.
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deleted, just seen the date
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