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Whose is your all time favourite actor?

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Old 13-06-2013, 23:02
Walter Neff
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ha ha, Walter I'd guess that Sophia is older than you, as she's around 78 or 79, and still looks stunning. It must be all that pasta

back to topic.......of the "older" generation James Stewart and Gregory Peck....grew up watching their films

Tom Hanks
Not that much older, Sophia is 79 in September, I was 76 in May. Like Sophia, I am in good shape, and as any regulars here will know, I ran my first London Marathon this year.

When I was young I used to go to the cinema, four or five time a week, sometimes twice in one day. These days I can go a whole year without visiting my local cinema. I am sure that there are some good films being made, but I would rather watch my favourite old films on video or DVD. I know that every generation thinks that the stars and films of their era are the best, but I really do believe that I grew up in the Golden Age of movies.
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Old 13-06-2013, 23:19
Pink Knight
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Maybe Peter O'Toole or Terence Stamp.
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