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How would you classify celebs - and what would be in what category?

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Old 27-06-2013, 19:51
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Celebrity to me is an actor, singer, artist or politician even.

How would you define who is in what category on level on fame? This is mine:

A-list: Most Hollywood film stars, BIG singers e.g Madonna/Adele, The Queen/PM

B-list: TV actors e.g David Tennant/Sheridan Smith, emerging singers e.g Emeli Sande/Jessie J, people like George Osborne/Ed Millband.

C-list: Soap actors as its a VERY limited scope of acting, manufactured acts with short shelf-life e.g The Wanted and those who are retired e.g Patricia Routledge/Lord Tebbit.

Z-list: TOWIE/Big Brother and any other **** who has made themselves famous for doing nothing.

People in art, theatre and dance circles I would say are more C-list as they've a gift and talent.
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Old 28-06-2013, 03:04
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I think you've got it. I'd add to that D-list, for people who were C-list but are no longer doing what they were known for and end up on the likes of Celebrity Big Brother and I'm A Celebrity e.g. ex-soap stars, former boy/girlband singers, forgotten TV presenters.
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Old 28-06-2013, 13:45
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You're right about the catorgories but they aren't all celebrities, they are famous.
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Old 29-06-2013, 19:38
wear thefoxhat
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Add to the z-list anyone who is famous for absolutely no other reason than because they have a famous parent/sibling/'sexual partner', ie. Geldof sisters, Osbourne kids, Pippa, Imogen Thomas, Coleen Rooney etc.
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Old 29-06-2013, 23:40
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Is this about level of fame, or a judgement on the celebs?

Some z-listers e.g The Kardashians, Jordan in her heyday, were far more well known than some of the people in the C list (or some of the B listers).
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Old 30-06-2013, 00:02
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My definition of an A list celebrity is someone my granny has heard of.
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