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Dad's Army wide screen for modern TVs

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Old 25-07-2013, 16:26
anthony david
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the secret of knowing this, is to know the VERTICAL length!

kojak is a perfect example of an old program that can easily be viewed cropped, as their head heights is three quarters up the screen!

SAPPHIRE AND STEEL isn't really, as the director uses all the vertical screen ..... same as some of STAR TREK TNG!

if you have the option on your tele to move the screen up or down, when you've zoomed in, you can adjust it to your liking
I remember transferring Kojaks in the 4X3 days, we had a 16x9 monitor on trial and if it was set to zoom mode (with no vertical offset), apart from the titles, everything was correctly framed. It seemed odd as US TV was strictly 4X3 at the time (late 90s). I don't recall any other programmes that you could do that with.
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Old 26-07-2013, 06:45
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(Later) "Gilmore Girls" were a strange one, too. Shot on Super 16 (5:3), screened on TV at 16:9, released on DVD 4:3. App. the producer considered 4:3 to be the "official" AR and had some control over what went out on DVD (even though the episodes went up to the, relatively recent, 2007). However, the TV company that screened it insisted on 16:9 against her wishes.
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Old 26-07-2013, 11:13
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All this nonsense would be sold if buyers of new TVs purchased so that the 4:3 picture (pillar-boxed) was of a suitably sufficient size for them. Then 16:9 would just be "bonus-sized".
This is actually what I did. My old 21" 4:3 set had a vertical picture height of 31cm. The nearest wide-screen equivalent was (iirc) a 26" set with a height of 33cm. It doesn't help that diagonal screen sizes are not compatible between 4:3 and 16:9 sets.

I never liked widescreen TVs at first because they weren't just like 4:3 sets but wider; they seemed like 4:3 sets but shorter!

If the vertical height is less, then everything will appear smaller (even with the ridiculous sideways stretching that most people seem oblivious to).
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