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Where do I start?

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Old 12-08-2013, 16:22
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So I was thinking of trying out comic books because they seem like my sort of thing, although I'm really not sure where I should start. I love the X-men films should I try X-men comics? Or start with something completely new - like Captain America or something? Thanks
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Old 12-08-2013, 16:35
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Marvel have just created a massive jumping on point for new readers called Marvel Now a good place to start would be All New X-Men 15 issues are out and 2 trades (5 issues in a collected format in this case) are as well the basic synopsis is Beast travels back in time to stop Cyclops killing Prof X. ( this happened in Avengers vs. X-Men) so he brings the original 5 (cyclops, jean grey, bobby drake/ice-man, warren worthington and beast) x-men to the future.

Of the Marvel Now initiative this is probably one of the better books other good ones are X-Men, New Avengers, Superior Spider-Man, Avengers and Thor god of thunder.

the individual issues retail at 2.99 at my local shop. the trades are available for around 11.99 RRP but usually have a 30% or so off the price on amazon.
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