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CONFIRMED: Ricky Wilson joins The Voice

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Old 19-09-2013, 19:52
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It's been revealed that Ricky turned down an offer to coach the first series of The Voice. So if he hadn't turned the invite down, we would have never had Danny on the show. Interesting to think that Ricky has been the BBC's first choice for awhile.
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Old 19-09-2013, 19:53
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I think Ricky is a great choice, he'll be entertaining and liven the show up and hopefully he'll attract younger viewers. I'm just relieved we didn't get Will Young.
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Old 19-09-2013, 23:50
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Ricky's a great choice, he's not as poppy and mainstream as this forum would like but to talent show fan tastes or not, he's part of one of the biggest UK rock bands of the last decade, and he's a big personality.
I agree. Also the Kaiser Chiefs have always been good at promoting new talent and have had some brilliant support bands on their tours. They have also done a lot of behind the scenes production work.
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Old 20-09-2013, 00:54
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Kylie isn't relevant these days either.

Most talent show judges aren't.
In the past 5 years or so alone, Kylie's had multi-platinum selling albums going in at #2, #1 and #2 respectively... Following on from these 3 albums, were 3 sell-out £multi-million world tours. The last making a net profit of over £70million for her.
She's the only female artist to have #1 albums in each of the last 4 decades (except for Madonna who managed it 2 years later), and is the only woman to receive the highest musical accolade that this country has to offer... The Music Industry Trust Award. She's also the highest paid female artist on the planet at the moment, and can get (in the UAE/Dubai) upwards of £2.2million for an 8 track set. The only artist(s) who get more are the Rolling Stones at £4.5million (Elton John gets £1.5M).
In the past 10 days she's done a collaboration with the Italian diva, Laura Pausini, which has gone straight in at #1 in Italy (Kylie matched Laura's stunning vocals note for note by the way).
Respectfully, Kylie's as contemporary and relevant as you can possibly get. She does most of her work all around the world, and that's why sometimes she's not seen as relevant because people assume that she's only working in the UK, and because she's not seen on TV all the time here, then she can't be doing very well. It's a big world out there, and Kylie's quite a big contemporary fish, otherwise Jay-Z's RocNation management company would never have taken her on this year, especially at her age.
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Old 20-09-2013, 20:34
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They've basically just let BGT win in the ratings before the shows even started,.
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Old 20-09-2013, 20:39
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They've basically just let BGT win in the ratings before the shows even started,.
The Voice will be on a different time of year for the next series.
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Old 21-09-2013, 16:10
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I wish they would have got someone who does music today. Abit more relevant.
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Old 01-10-2013, 13:42
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It was him or Professor Green... I think we've got the better option
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