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Old 04-02-2014, 15:34
Josh Pinder
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Okay so the past three years Sky has showcased what range she has...from an Electropop starlet to an Indie Rock persona to an old skool Synth artist...to...well basically a combination of the three...and she does it with such style.

Her style in both appearance and music feels like a beautiful hybrid of Madonna and Debbie Harry with a mix of intense New Wave Rock and some Synth influenced Pop Rock....her latest album "Night Time, My Time" was released in the UK for the first time this week and with her "ghost EP" (in which she teamed up with Shirley Manson from "grabage", greg Kurstin and Blood Orange)...on her debut album disc she teamed up with Charli XCX partner in crime Ariel.

The result is a sensational echo back to the past of Pop and Rock history and a genuinely beautiful debut album that ranks alongside her Indie grrrrl contemporaries of the past few years (grimes, Iamamiwhoami, CHarli XCX, Solange and Cat Power)

Anyways...this year she will be headlining Miley Cyrus world tour (as heavily speculated) and hopefully will push into mainstream further.
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