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Dancing on ice: The Best of the Worst - Show 3

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Welcome to Show 3. Our six remaining couples will be competing in pairs in 'The Duel'. Three will win immunity. The other three will face the forum vote, where two will be eliminated and only four will remain. Lets introduce the pairs.

Emily & Lukasz vs. Andi & Olga
Joe & Vicky vs. Kerry & Matt
Coleen & Daniel vs. Todd & Frankie

Our first duel is Emily vs. Andi, skating to "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira.

Judges Conclusions

Votes for Immunity

Robin: Emily
Karen: Emily
Ashley: Emily
Jason: Emily
Result: Emily wins immunity!

Well done Emily. Andi, you'll be facing the forum vote. Remeber, only one of the three forum losers can get through, so you have to rank him highly. Second are Joe vs. Kerry, skating to "Dibby Dibby Sound " by DJ Fresh.

Judges Conclusions

Robin: Joe
Karen: Kerry
Ashley: Kerry
Jason: Kerry
Result: Kerry wins immunity!

So Kerry is through, while Joe faces the vote. Finally we have Coleen vs. Todd, skating to "5,6,7,8" by Steps.

Judges Conclusions

Robin: Coleen
Karen: Coleen
Ashley: Coleen
Jason: Coleen
Result: Coleen wins immunity!

So, the three men are up for the vote. You can vote for
Andi & Olga
Joe & Vicky
Todd & Frankie.
Please rank them from 3 (your favourite) to 1 (your least favourite.) Two of the three will be leaving the competition, so remember to PM me! You have until 18.00 to vote.
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